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The Odin Marine Group Advantage In-depth Shipping and Business Expertise

Odin Marine Group understands the financial implications of shipping and ocean transport that are integral components of our client’s business strategies. As a result, we have taken great care to build a management team comprised of a unique mix of shipping industry experts with high levels of expertise and experience in international business, IT, and logistical analysis, all committed to helping our clients and customers derive the maximum benefit from every shipping transaction.

Uniquely Specialized Services
Odin Marine Group offers one of the highest commercial-to-support ratios in the industry, which allows seamless monitoring of all vessel operations coupled with intense backup support. Our synchronized worldwide network of offices offers a unique model that has made The Odin Marine Group a true industry leader. Our brokers concentrate on commercial achievements by calculating strategic goals and maximizing negotiating effectiveness. The result is that we provide the most advantageous freight packages coupled with unsurpassed operational coverage and support.



With our offices located globally, we can provide our clients with global expertise and experience.

United States

The Odin Marine Group’s world headquarters is located in the United States with offices in New York and Connecticut, where the majority of its support team of brokers, operators, logistic analysts, administration, and consultants are situated.


Odin-RVB Europe is conveniently located in central Rotterdam, a major maritime hub for production, transportation and logistics.


Odin Marine Spain, S.L. is located in Barcelona, one of the busiest Mediterranean ports increasingly serving in recent years as a hub for other destinations in the south of Europe and Africa.

United Arab Emirates

Specializing in Chemical Brokerage, Odin Marine Middle East is a continuing testament to the company’s global presence and strength in the deep-sea chemical industry.


Odin Marine Singapore was established in 1993 and first commenced its operations to better service the Odin Marine Group’s existing clients in the same time zone.

Our Team


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