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About Us


The Odin Marine Group is a privately owned international marine service company, which has been continuously offering innovative and effective marine services for over four decades. We provide innovative services for freight, contracts, sales and purchase of vessels, new building projects, and demolition markets worldwide. Few brokerage companies can firmly claim that they are true leaders in all liquid markets including bulk shipments of chemicals and specialized products, clean and crude petroleum products, alcohols, and vegetable oils. Our international team of shipbrokers, operators, and analytic consultants has helped establish us as one of the world’s most diverse ship brokering firms. We have a collaborative global network of resources in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, strategically placed to serve the shipping industry worldwide. These locations over the years have enabled the Odin Marine Group to possess a robust closed network encompassing the broadest market coverage and intelligence within the most active shipping centers of the world.

The name Odin Marine symbolizes the ultimate in marine services, synchronizing the complexities of global shipping in the timely and orderly manner on which so many of our clients seek, expect, and rely. Our vast relationship-driven network of contacts within the chartering and ship owning communities and the strong relationships we have developed over the years have given us the ability to develop a great depth of knowledge in vessel chartering, products handling, port operations, maritime regulations, and access to world fleets.

Although the Odin Marine Group has expansive services throughout the world, we pride ourselves in never forgetting that each client must receive personal service. As a private company, we are uniquely equipped to provide our clients with the flexibility they require with comprehensive tanker brokering and consulting services thus ensuring safe, timely and cost-effective solutions to their needs.



Founded in 1976, the Odin Marine Group commenced its activities primarily as a crude oil broker. Over the years it stayed true to its legacy of service to the shipping industry when it decided to aggressively expand into the chemical, products, and edible oil sectors. As the company grew and expanded, it began to flourish in the new and emerging markets. This required services that did not exist in the industry at the time and Odin capitalized on this by offering services before anyone else in the industry did. As a rising and innovative leader, Odin Marine expanded its global reach by establishing new offices in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Odin Marine Group offers innovative logistical services and shipping solutions that continue to separate us from our competition to this day. We have never rested, nor ever will rest, in searching, isolating, and putting into action services the industry will demand. History clearly shows our strong track record for being industry leaders, and we plan on continuing this insightful approach to all our business affairs. This attitude is ingrained in our culture and has launched Odin into the forefront of the industries we support.
1976 –
Odin Marine, Inc. was founded in Greenwich, CT, 30 Nautical miles from New York Harbor.
1990 –
Odin Marine Inc. expanded into Specialty Chemicals
1993 –
Odin Singapore opened to serve the Pacific Rim
1996 –
Odin Logistics launched in Stamford, CT to help identify and solve efficiency issues.
1998 –
Odin Marine Europe opened in Rotterdam, Netherlands
2000 –
Odin Marine, Inc. launched the Projects, Sales, and Purchases Department.
2006 –
Odin Marine, Inc. celebrates its 30-year anniversary.
2010 –
Odin Marine, Inc. was renamed to Odin Marine Group, LLC.
2011 –

Odin Marine Middle East opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

2011 –
Odin Barging Europe B.V. started its activities in Rotterdam.
2013 –
Odin Research commences operations.
2014 –
Odin Marine Group moves offices to Southport, CT.
2018 –
Odin Marine Group opened in Houston, TX.
Odin Marine Group launches US Flag Desk.
2019 –
Odin Marine Europe EV, Odin Marine Spain S.L., RVB Company B.V. and RVB Shipbrokers Singapore Pte. Ltd. combined to form Odin-RVB.
2023 –
Odin Marine and Logistics+ Partnership
Odin Marine Singapore celebrates its 30th Year Anniversary.



As a diverse company, Odin Marine Group takes pride in our global reach in niche markets forged by our employees worldwide, constantly expanding and adjusting to
market demands. Our international team, which represents 19 nationalities, is fully committed to being good community citizens in the world of shipping. In every dealing
we undertake, we strive to uphold the highest standards, acting ethically to maximize the high-quality services we offer and minimize the impact of our business on the


As community citizens in the shipping world, the Odin Marine Group is a founding member of the ASBA Broker Panel, and our staff members hold either individual or corporate memberships in the following organizations:
  • American Fats and Oils Association
  • Association of Ship Brokers and Agents
  • Baltic Exchange
  • Connecticut Maritime Association
  • European Petrochemical Association (EPCA)
  • Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA)
  • Independent Parcel Tankers Association
  • Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
  • International Association of Independent Tankers Owners
  • International Association of Seed Crushers
  • International Castor Oil Association
  • National Institute of Oilseed Products
  • Northeast Chemical Association
  • World Scale Association of New York
  • European Petrochemical Association (EPCA)


The Odin Marine Group continually reinvests its resources in order to provide the best value and support to our customers. As a private company, we pride ourselves on being innovative by venturing into new and developing IT technologies, providing additional services, and finding new ways to improve and enhance our relationships. When it comes to everyday activities and projects, we have dedicated intelligence units that use cutting-edge tools, such as virtual meetings and conferences on multiple platforms for worldwide collaboration on projects from all global offices.

The units also utilize enterprise resource planning software, which instantly streamlines our operational processes for all voyages from start to finish. This allows us to create a transparency with our customers on every shipment in which we are involved and helps us generate comprehensive trade lane studies and independent analyses. These professional platforms are further enhanced by open resource technologies that were developed in-house, which distribute live feeds worldwide with vessel positions, market information, plant information, and market gossip collected from every broker in all our offices.

Our services also include uniquely customized packages and presentations, which take into account the qualitative factors affecting supply, demand, freight and volume projections/trends. We use quantitative algorithms to establish supply/demand ratios in the various tanker segments including VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax, MRs, Chemicals, and more. We are dedicated to monitoring the shipping market and its fluctuations as experts and maintain multiple databases, which can be made available to our clients.

To summarize these market trends, we regularly publish the following:

  • Weekly Specialty Tanker Market Report
  • Weekly Vegoil Market Report
  • Chemical World Fleet (DeepSea and IntraCoastal)
  • Customized Product Weekly Report
  • Chemical Market Activity Reports
  • Petrochemical Production Statistics
  • Vessel Supply Report
  • Petrochemical Market News
  • US Exports Report (Chemical/CPP)
  • State of Chemical Market Presentation
  • Projects, Sale & Purchase Reports



With our offices located globally, we can provide our clients with global expertise and experience.

United States



United Arab Emirates


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