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Specialty and Chemicals

Specialty and Chemicals

This department is one of the most active and respected chemical and specialty departments in the ship brokering world. As a distinguished force in the shipping market, the Specialty & Chemical desk works closely with major chemical and specialized product producers and international traders. Our feeling is, if you want to gauge a broker look at their clients. Without question, the Odin Marine Specialty Group serves some of the most distinguished clients in a business that requires only the best of services. Our long-term portfolio is a testament that we do what we say by offering paramount services worldwide with our unique family of brokers, whose only goal is to serve the client on a level that no other broker can match. We feel the market recognizes this and the proof is that Odin has expanded their chemical portfolio every year since its inception almost 25 years ago. Our specialty brokers are equipped with vast commercial and operational experience and can handle “everything liquid.” Odin’s Specialty group has one of the highest brokers to operational support ratios in the industry that provides the most intense and complete services package available. This allows us to offer the most thorough chemicals desks in the business. This aligned service package strongly melds together the specialized brokering of contracts of affreightment, spot fixtures, sale and purchase, and logistics as one complete service. As the first chemical broker to offer such services, we feel that Odin is still unmatched in this area.

Our dedicated specialty brokers handle commodity and specialty chemicals, biodiesel, methanol, ethanol, caustic soda and chlorinated solvents, lube oils, lube additives, acids, and edible oils. The department has built its reputation on attention to detail and swift market intelligence.

The department provides industry expertise in customized services for contracts of affreightment, spot requirements, and term chartering, with the most attractive financial terms and conditions possible.

The area that separates Odin from the rest of our competitors is our handling of contracts of affreightment. No one in the industry has devised the advanced strategies, or developed more creative and innovative ways to negotiate more successful outcomes, than Odin. In conjunction with this, we offer the most in-depth contract performance reviews, statistical analyses, voyage performance reports, demurrage settlement and summaries, cycle time analyses, and anything else required by our clients as a trusted partner.

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